Once you book your shipment, you will be sent the exact address and information for the terminal.Please contact the representative who provides you with a quote for more details regarding pickup and delivery to those locations you choose.We may offer door pickup and delivery services in some areas. Ask our representative for more details about provided services for exact locations you choose.



Wasim Trucking and Transport will assist you along the route, whether it's just getting your own automobile across the border or moving a large fleet of commercial vehicles from Canada to the United States.

We work with a variety of clientele. From private persons to auto dealers who must transport inventory from Canada to the United States. In addition, regardless of your individual requirements, we will make sure the vehicle arrives at the correct location if you are moving to the United States, attending university there, or there for any other reason. You can depend on us to get your car to its American destination on schedule and safely!

To cross the border with your car, we will require the required documentation. Here is a quick list of the documents you must submit to us:

  • 3299 Form

  • You must provide a copy of your birth certificate, driver's licence, or passport.

  • A copy of the title for the car

  • Letter to Professional Car Carriers confirming our authorization to transport your vehicle across international borders


In a few circumstances, you might need to arrange for the transportation of your car from the US to Canada. Whether you're moving to Canada, selling your car, or you work for a car manufacturer or dealer, Wasim Trucking and Transport offers you the best solution for all of your international ground vehicle shipping needs.

As long as you can send the required papers to info@wasimtruckingandtransport.com, there is nothing to worry about. You'll learn about the guidelines for cross-border automobile transportation services from our team of professionals. Given that you may not be aware of them if you are exporting a vehicle for the first time. We will also address all of your questions and concerns in this regard.

We can guarantee the safety of your vehicle because we have delivered hundreds of vehicles during the course of our business on time and without incident. You can count on our service to deliver your vehicles from the USA to the desired location in Canada unharmed.

If you have any questions about our ground vehicle transportation service, visit the relevant service pages on our website or get in touch with us right away for prompt assistance.